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☠ Sony & Microsoft STILL DOWN ☠
XxMrHollywood President 12 Comments · Likes · Like · 25th Dec 2014

Sony & Microsoft have been experiencing a suspected DDOS (Distributed denial of service) attack throughout most of the day. A hacker group that will not be mentioned has taken responsibility for the attack and as of now both services are still down.

Do not follow them, do not pay them any attention. Just let the FBI and related government agency's investigate and find them. 

Please note that at this time  neither Sony or Microsoft has reported any breaches in their security meaning your personal information is safe.

27th Dec 2014 MyNameIsZulu
Looking for a VoG Raid group. Hit me up on PSN once the servers are up and let me know you are SR... username is Codename-Zulu
27th Dec 2014 Dragoons
Could some one add me on the destiny Web site for the clan I just joined up looking forward to meet you all can add me on PSN x_Dragoons_x and talk anytime.
27th Dec 2014 Huntr98926
PSN status says UP!!!!!!
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26th Dec 2014 Sci VP
so sad..... my kid got LBP3 for christmas. couldn't goto the psn store and redeem any of her codes or her giftcard. she was upset a little. still played the game but without the online portion. but it was still a Merry Christmas.
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26th Dec 2014 Axetor
As mentioned above, it is very sad that some choose to find enjoyment from others sadness. It will be fixed and hopefully forgotten. When things return to normal, I have a 28 warlock who needs VOG NM and a 31 Hunter looking for VOG hard. I wish everyone Happy Holidays.
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26th Dec 2014 the_mr_bunny
happy holidays all, sorry this is happening, it's just sad that people get their jollies this way.

When it's back up I am ready for a Raid... got the warlock to 28 woo hoo!!!!

The Bunny
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26th Dec 2014 CommanderJTogs
This really sucks fellas and ladies. I was disappointed as well. But I do hope you all had a festive Christmas otherwise.
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25th Dec 2014 HFKSDFJ
this is annoying. I hope they have a painful and slow death if they did this attention and ****s and giggles. I was hoping this was just due to people getting consoles and games for xmas.
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25th Dec 2014 kracker32902
Merry Christmas y'all
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25th Dec 2014 SeasonsPRO
Thanks for the New's update Hollywood
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25th Dec 2014 imGenoPRO
It is quite unfortunate that this has happened. Especially during Christmas time when I'm off from work and have the whole day to my self. :/ Merry Christmas!
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25th Dec 2014 XxMrHollywood President
Oh Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday's Ravens :D
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