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Darkness Destroyer Raid Crew
XxMrHollywood President 18 Comments · Likes · Like · 20th Nov 2014
I would just like to recognize some of our top members  GooseUnit &  Papax  for setting up one of the most successful  raid squads in Shadow Ravens, if anyone is looking for a solid group to raid with, feel free to add any of the members below.

Hello Darkness Destroyers! Below is a list of everyone who wants in. I have taken as much info about them as I could. If any of you would like to add more info regarding you Guardian please comment. There are almost enough people to do 3 raid squads! Also there are a good amount of guardians from the UK. Lets all ban together and bring the light back from darkness!

GooseUnit - EST Level 29 Titan & Level 24 Warlock
Papax - EST - Level 29 Tiatan
Obelcito - EST - Level 30 Warlock 
egoVERITAS18 - EST Level 28 Warlock
xLEONODOMEx - Level 30 Warlock & Level 29 Hunter
Roy_3_OBannon - PST - Level 29/30 Titan
Neale81 - EST - Level 29 Titan, Level 27 Hunter & Level 26 Warlock
jaierock - CST - Level 30 & 28 Warlock & Level 26 Titan
CommanderJTogs - Titan
Surprisinglymoist - GMT (London) Level 28 Hunter
SuKaBlAttt - Mountain Time - Level 28 Warlock
Juddy200609 - GMT (London) - Level 28 Hunter
kickboxerdog - GMT (London)
Irishmen20 - Level 30 Warlock
Remnan13 - Level 28 Hunter
xAdverse - 2 Level 30 Titans & Level 28 Hunter

Official Thread -  http://shadowravens.clanwebsit ... ers-raid-squad-396/1

For other Raid teams head over to

30th Nov 2014 Rilen
PSN; Xlatias380 lvl;30 titan and hunter lvl 26 warlock
24th Nov 2014 Cloudchief
PSN: Neale81
My classes have progressed a decent bit since this was listed. 29 titan and warlock and 28 hunter.
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22nd Nov 2014 dannyboyo76
anyone else have this problem I have been a member of shadow ravens since few weeks before destiny came out but the fact that i'm the member doesn't show on my gamer tag does anyone know how to resolve this
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21st Nov 2014 spen85
Mainly weekend raider have beat vog twice have a lvl 28 warlock both subclasses maxed ps4 id is spen85
21st Nov 2014 Sci VP
Congrats to Darkness destroyers.
21st Nov 2014 DatDracular
I would like a piece of this raiding action! I am usually available late night, are there any late night raiders out there. 28 Warlock here with mic, available from 10p to 2a. I have done the first two phases of VOG.
21st Nov 2014 GooseUnit
I also want to say thank you to Hollywood for putting the Darkness Destroyers on the map! Together we can destroy the darkness!
21st Nov 2014 Suprisinglymoist
Suprisinglymoist is my psn. Uk gmt. Most evenings. Lvl 27 hunter. Still looking to do my first raid. Help!! Maxed gunslinger and bladedancer. On all weekend this weekend. Also up for the iron banner if anyone needs a player! Cheers
21st Nov 2014 kickboxerdog
kickboxerdog is my psn GMT TZ chars are level 29 titan, lvl 28 warlock , lvl 20 hunter
21st Nov 2014 Brachkapp-2010
Brachkapp-2010 ps4 lv 28 sunsinger
21st Nov 2014 GooseUnit
Hey everyone! Thank you for wanting to be apart of the Darkness Destroyers. I you all could please post your PSN name time zone on the official thread. http://shadowravens.clanw ... ers-raid-squad-396/1 Greatly appreciated everyone!
21st Nov 2014 Dreadman75
Dreadman75 on PS4: Current lvl 29 Hunter, soon to be lvl 30. I'd love to raid with my fellow Ravens sometime!
20th Nov 2014 Kevjjscott
Kevjjscott PS4 EST 29 Hunter, 28 Warlock, 27 Titan, Looking to Raid, Weekly and Nightfall
20th Nov 2014 KILLAKLWN
Lvl. 29 Titian Defender/Striker, Lvl. 29 Warlock Sunslinger. US east coast mornings and afternoons.
20th Nov 2014 TheBlackArab
20th Nov 2014 JinnSkye
JinnSkye CST
Lv 30 Hunter, Lv 29 Warlock, Lv 28 (hoping to change that soon) Titan
20th Nov 2014 BlaiseGamer
Aidanrox97 Ivl 30 sunsinger
20th Nov 2014 SneakyMuttKitty
SneakyMuttKitty add me up cap! I'm a level 27 Hunter PST
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