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XxMrHollywood President 11 Comments · Likes · Like · 4th Oct 2014
10,000 Members

10,000 Members proudly represent Shadow Ravens in the world of Destiny. Thanks to all of you we are far and away the #1 Clan in the world. It's been a pleasure serving with many of you in the field and seeing you all progress.

Shout out to our entire leadership team:

1. ★ President ★
Shadow Raven's acting president = XxMrHollywood

2. ★ Vice President ★
Shadow Raven's acting VP = Sci
Coordinates with the President and the department heads to ensure everything goes smoothly and is well managed.

3. ★Department of Foreign Affairs★
Secretary of Foreign Affairs = Elbryan629
Jr. Secretary of Foreign Affairs = TsWolf
Vet's clans for Alliance Operations and coordinates official Alliance Standing and actions with the president and VP

4. ★Department of Homeland Security★ 
Secretary of Homeland Security = XplodinSeagullz
Jr. Secretary of Homeland Security = Prophet2157
Set's up hardcore competitive PvP Crucible teams that represent the most skilled PvP players Shadow Raven's has to offer. 

5. ★Department of Defense★ 
Secretary of Defense = Miglovn
Jr. Secretary of Defense = NEEDED
Set's up hardcore competitive raiding crews that represent the most skilled PvE players Shadow Raven's has to offer. 

6. ★Department of Justice★ 
Director of the Justice department = Bucksfan61
Deputy Director of the Justice Department: deemark - Sir Asugan - Grinder__
Takes care of any problems in the clan.

Remember Guardians...."Brothers till the end "

- Shadow Ravens Founder,  XxMrHollywood

14th Oct 2014 Sci VP
As of Today Shadow Ravens hit 12,000 members !
7th Oct 2014 akiramonster
ON most nights after 9pm add me akiramonster 27 hunter trying to do more vault anyone go for the add will help do most anything but want 27+ for vault groups Always going sun mon nights
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6th Oct 2014 Creeper
"With guns in hand, and pride in our heart
We have this battle won from the start
Victory is certain, as sure as the night
We do not live to lose but live to fight
We will keep fighting, and never give in
And if we fall we shall rise up again"
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6th Oct 2014 DuduMumbles
Can we get the Blood-bird Shadow Ravens Tee made? That would be awesome! No words, just the image.
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6th Oct 2014 Sci VP
Looking foward to next 10,000!
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5th Oct 2014 ForTheFallenxx00
How can i interact with all the members in the clan? Lvl 26 titan and im quite new to how clans work. Trying to do vog today as well as a solid run of tiger strikes
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5th Oct 2014 D.O.J. Grinder___
Well done!
5th Oct 2014 darkprincefang
Great job everyone keep up the great work together we will triumph!!!
5th Oct 2014 ghostEnigma999
Cant wait to begin the onslaught....Bang shotgun to the face :)
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4th Oct 2014 KdoggPRO
This is awesome. Glad to be a part of it.
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4th Oct 2014 timo2466
Well done!
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