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Destiny Hotfix 5
XxMrHollywood President 10 Comments · Likes · Like · 26th Sep 2014
In Hotfix 5, we made a few changes to reduce the effectiveness of a humbling number of economy exploits. Check out these Destiny Dev Notes to read a summary of our impressions since launch. 

Reduced drop rate of engrams following a hard wipe [fixed in]
*Clarification: This effect only lasts for a short period of time immediately following a hard wipe

Queen's Wrath Event
Material rewards for dismantling Queen's Wrath gear will no longer provide ascendant materials, but missions will continue to drop Legendary items

The Hive of the holy “Treasure Cave” have realized the futility of their endless assault on Skywatch and have retired to lick their wounds and plan their next attack.
Respawn timers for monster caves in Skywatch have been normalized to 40 seconds (increased from 6)
Respawn timers for monster caves in Forgotten Shore have been normalized to 40 seconds (increased from 10)
Respawn timers for monster caves in Ember Caves have been normalized to 40 seconds (increased from 10)
Respawn timers for monster caves in the Shattered Coast have been normalized to 40 seconds (increased from 10)
Respawn timers for monster caves in the Barrens have been normalized to 40 seconds (increased from 20)

28th Sep 2014 Necrophagist79
Yea i got zombie apocalypse and wizard77 from decoding blues yesterday. I guess i wont evicerate the cryptarch jus yet.
26th Sep 2014 Sci VP
cement applied to entrance of loot Cave .
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26th Sep 2014 D.O.J. Antibus311
(pulse rifle) Telemerty, how does this work? Do I have to kill a lot of things with it, does it work when I turn in bountys?
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26th Sep 2014 Sarkin
Dev Notes

Destiny: The Cave
The social experience of a cave farming run is amazing: the herding to get a team of Guardians all behind the line and firing in the right direction, the rush to grab the loot, the scramble when the panic wave starts, the beckoning glow from inside the cave. The speed at which the community organized around this activity was inspiring and humbling to us.

But shooting at a black hole for hours on end isn't our dream for how Destiny is played. Our hope is that social engagement in public spaces is only one part of the Destiny experience. Expect changes soon which decrease the efficiency of cave farming and correspondingly increase engram drops from completing activities.

Apparently they're increasin the natural drop rate of engrams to compensate. And I guess they're retoolin the Cryptarch as well.
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26th Sep 2014 D.O.J. Antibus311 ... AjbIecTIjTQctolYeuDw

FFs man im tired of them "fixing" shit.
26th Sep 2014 wicklandp
The respawn times being doubled takes a lot away from game world when doing patrols, and if they make materials any harder to get people will give up and start playing other titles at this time of year with some great games coming.
26th Sep 2014 D.O.J. Antibus311
To many people bitch about stuff that really doesn't effect the game. Hell people have been bitching about the game and it hasn't even been out for more then 2 weeks. I'm afraid the cry babies are going to destroy this game.
26th Sep 2014 Nazryl
They are also planning on nerfing chest runs, effectivly taking away almost any type of grinding. This annoys me. I get the loot cave, that was too easy to farm but in nerfing it they have stopped the battle between the Fallen and the Hive and those battles are really the only thing that makes the world feel alive IMO. I still remember thinking 'Holy cow! It's a battle!' when I first saw it and newer players won't get that for a long time now, not until they hit Venus and even then it's a couple of missions in.
The best way to get Ascendant Shards has been shut too, meaning that, once again, I will have to do Vault Of Glass (Which I don't want to do purely for the time sink it is for pretty much, useless crap I don't need) or the Daily Strike... once a day.
Bungie has always said they want us to have really personal stories about our Guardian but with this latest path... They're herding us too the stories THEY want us to tell. Bad move Bungie, really really bad move.
26th Sep 2014 D.O.J. Sir Asugan
Awh ;-; Not luck my lucks great anyways -.-
26th Sep 2014 XxMrHollywood President
God damnit they nerfed the treasure cave guys, guess no more farming now :(
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