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Best place to farm engrams
XxMrHollywood President 31 Comments · Likes · Like · 16th Sep 2014
Hey guys found the best way to farm rare and legendary engrams 

Stand behind these rocks and hive acolytes will continually spawn here so you can kill massive amounts of enemies in a short amount of time.

Here is a tutorial =

25th Sep 2014 iama187er
Nope it's done
25th Sep 2014 Murderhawke
Patch as of 9/25/2014

The Hive of the holy “Treasure Cave” have realized the futility of their endless assault on Skywatch and have retired to lick their wounds and plan their next attack.
Respawn timers for monster caves in Skywatch have been normalized to 40 seconds (increased from 6)
Respawn timers for monster caves in Forgotten Shore have been normalized to 40 seconds (increased from 10)
Respawn timers for monster caves in Ember Caves have been normalized to 40 seconds (increased from 10)
Respawn timers for monster caves in the Shattered Coast have been normalized to 40 seconds (increased from 10)
Respawn timers for monster caves in the Barrens have been normalized to 40 seconds (increased from 20)
25th Sep 2014 SkyyWolf
"Loot cave" closed as of today... :(
Like (2) · Comments (3)
24th Sep 2014 D.O.J. Sir Asugan
During beta this was the glimmer spot aswell as engram xD
24th Sep 2014 XxMrHollywood President
Still works amazingly enough, I dont think Bungie cares haha
19th Sep 2014 LimeOfDoom
In two hours I got 4 legendary engram drops only one actually gave me a legendary though, but uncountable blues and greens, I'm swimming in hadronic essence and weapon parts.
19th Sep 2014 TmcNecrosis
I'm having a lot of success at the Dark Beyond farming spot
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18th Sep 2014 Rush2009
I just farmed for 2 hours I got 4 legendary , shadow price, doctor nope,strange suspect, andsome titan boots, funny thing is all the legendary guns came from blue engrams lol the 4 legendary engrams I got only gave blues lol its a really good spot,
18th Sep 2014 FearThe_Blade_
Just farmed for 1 1/2 hours and got 14 Blues, 2 legendarys and about 70-80 greens. It's insane.
18th Sep 2014 Sci VP
best done with 2 people 3 people max on the fireteam. results are not good if a bunch of Guardians are there .. last nite from a 45 minute stretch 16 blue engrams 4 purple . 4000 glimmer. 2 bountys completed . 1 public event,1 enemy batttle . all while sitting in 1 area.
18th Sep 2014 Sci VP
Worked great last nite for me .
18th Sep 2014 Stavi1007
This does work still. I did it last night for about 20 mins.
17th Sep 2014 Boss Raven
Can't wait give this a shot. Just back form a quick giants trip and I should have time tonight to try this out.
17th Sep 2014 Rush2009
its been nerfed already ^^
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17th Sep 2014 DarkDemon
Will be trying this tonight, if anyone wants to do it together add me DARK_DEMON-X saying that you want to farm.
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17th Sep 2014 tod-und-ehre
What about that spot on Venus everyone is always talking about?

Do you have to stay in a spot for a long time and keep killing to get this to happen? Because every time I take out swarms of enemies, I am lucky to get one or two uncommons :/
Like (0) · Comments (3)
17th Sep 2014 Sci VP
Me ,EL-Dan-07 and SlumDawgy farmed this last nite. while farming it 2 public events and 1 Enemy Battle broke out. the Loot was awesome ! lots of glimmer. if you do this don't forget you Black Wax idols.= Bonus glimmer plenty of Legenday and Rare engrams were obtained !
17th Sep 2014 squarewick
Will be trying this tonight. Thanks for the post
17th Sep 2014 etrigan
Between this one and the one farm on the moon....better get your farming done before they nerf it. :)
Like (1) · Comments (2)
17th Sep 2014 CASPER131904
I see 2 or 3 people farming that spot on the rocks every time. Sucks when I get a mission to kill hive creatures to get code samples. But I found I don't have to kill them I just hang out and dance while they kill them and the core samples are there for me to pick up.
Like (1) · Comments (0)
17th Sep 2014 Blackdragon
Lovely thanks
17th Sep 2014 wicklandp
While farming here the game launched a full war between the factions with the Hive spawning in the room to the left of the sniping point for farming, if I was on my own would of proved extremely difficult to survive but was very enjoyable about 15 enemies each faction. Has any one else seen this.
Like (0) · Comments (3)
17th Sep 2014 Danny2602
something tells me i'm gonna be spending quite a bit of time there!
17th Sep 2014 jaie
Thanks a bunch guys been looking for a good place to farm
17th Sep 2014 Nazryl
Nope. Every enemy drops loot according to your level, not theirs. This spot works great and we're putting a group together with the sole purpose of helping people farm exp, glimmer and of course loot.
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17th Sep 2014 wicklandp
So it doesn't matter that this is a lower level area?
17th Sep 2014 ThatWhiteGuy0627
This is awesome....been trying to jump to 24 for days now....did this 2x and wound up getting the gear I needed. Thx hollywood for putting this on here. Wouldnt of found it otherwise.
17th Sep 2014 vancha22
Thanks guys. Guess I have some Hive to hunt!
17th Sep 2014 ShrapnelGrenade
Cosmodrome, middle of skywatch
17th Sep 2014 vancha22
What's the exact location?
17th Sep 2014 Nova
Yeah it is but stay put or get in and out to spam it
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